Sunday, April 28, 2013

Young Women transition Dinner to Relief Society

Our Relief Society once a year invites the Laurels to a Luncheon to help them make the transition to Relief Society a little easier. This Year, Pualaie who planned this Luncheon suggested the theme would be "Bows", They are a new fad right now; The Theme was "Stayed tied to your devine heritage through Jesus Christ." The hotest colors for spring is a pale green, so we went with the 3 colors; Black, Gold and Pale mint green. The table was fun to plan. What I loved were the Napkins made into Bow ties. We had gold chargers. Gold flatware, gold cups, the gold flatware was painted half way up the silverware with the same pale mint green. I was trying to bring more of the green color to the table by we tieing fabric to the back of the chairs into bows. The fun mixer game when they arrived had the goal to find out a little more about each of them. Each reached into a bag, without looking, pulling an item out of the bag. They then had to tell how that item related to them. Pualaie got a shell, It resemble her because she is from Hawaii. Our lunch was fantastic! We had "Bow Tie chicken Salad", fruit Kabobs, Crousant rolls, cupcakes with bows placed on the top. Then each girl received a bow tie necklace. Fun idea!