Saturday, September 29, 2012

"Pinterest Party"--"A Mummy's Night Out"

Last night we had a fun time at our pinterest party! Like most of us, we like to pin projects then they are forgotten about, among our long list of things we would like to do! The purpose of this party was for each person to bring a project that they have pinned for either the Fall Holiday, or Halloween! All of the food table was also from pinterest pins. Here are pictures of our fun event.
These adorable candles made from PVC pipes, were made by Taylor Thurgood
This "boo"utiful Halloween Apron was made by Alisha Guerrero
This candy cauldron was made by Kathy Thurgood, The Halloween Pillow cases under that are made by Bev Dunn
This beautiful Wreath made from pages of a book, Made by Lisa Frehner ( Also known as the best hair dresser around!
A Festive Fall Candle with fresh acorns colleted then scented by Lisa Thorpe
Love this "Dead and Breakfast " sign! This was made by Syd Cline, she also had her new book that just came out in the book stores, "Feeding the Masses" Congratulations Syd!
These paper mache animals were made by Christina Cline, they are inspired by Anthapology. Isn't stina creative! A big thanks (a little thanks to me, for not taking a picture) to Ildy Cline, who made cute halloween bottles with spooky labels, a yummy "Goblins with Pumpkin Dip" from "Taste of Home" By Bev Dunn. Janelle Brown, who made her own pattern and design for a baby seat for her table, to Clarrisa Lewis for so many cute halloween gift ideas! Now for the "Spook"tacular Food!
This Brain Dip Was Made By my Handsome Husband, Steve Thurgood It was inspired by There were 2 favorite foods, This I have to say was the favorite, I can't blame them. Steve's Qualamole is to "DIE" for! Now For the other Favorite!
I loved making these! They are easy, fun! and oh did people LOVE them. They were trying to take some home for their kids. I bought the seringes from our local pharmacy (without the needles) Made red jello, Filled the scringes with the jello. Placed them in a glass measuring cup. and put them in the fridge. Now, isn't that easy?
My Daughter Kristy Thurgood Hammon Made these body, "Zombie Scrubs" "It removes dead skin" She just opened her spa room in Orem, Ut. It's called "Skin-tagious" She gave one of these to each person that came. She also gave away 2 door prizes to her new spa room for a manicure and a Microdermbrasion....A special for October is: The Microdermabrasion for $45.00. If you're looking for a great Master Esethetician ,call kristy and make an appointment! her Prices are "Gouly" Good- 801-687-6402 A Big thanks to Kristy! Here are some more pictures to look at Thank you all who came and made this a Fun "Mummy's Night Out"!
This is my son Bryce's Mummy, cool ,huh
These were so yummy. I got this recipe from these are so easy and fun to make,oh, and yummy for the tummy!
Dollar Tree Vampire teeth used for a napkin ring. (Another take home for guests)
I couldn't resist decorating the stair rail with halloween lights and fall leaves. Black garland would look really cute too!
I made this halloween pillow. This was a fun easy project. I bought a 16x16 inch pillow form ( I found them cheapest at Walmart.) I cut out a 16x16 inch square (of the main color) I cut 2 pieces of the same color for the back, 13 inchesx 16'. sew 1 edge on both pieces (this is where you will insert the pillow form.) cut out the contrast color, for the bow 8 inches wide by 36 inches long. place right sides together and sew the sides. now, turn right side out and iron.fold tie in half, length wise and cut in half. turn under 1/4 inch on one end and sew together This will finish off the end of the ties. place with right sides together, first, the piece that is 16x16, right side facing up. next place tie on each side, the end that has not been sewn. fold in towards the center, so when you sew the sides together, the tie will be on the inside. place the 2- 13' pieces left, right side the finished edges are overlapinp each other in the middle. pin all the way around, then sew. turn right side out. insert pillow form, tie bow into a knot. you're done!
I made this withes caldron with feet, inspired by What a way to great the guests! I put this as the center piece on the food table and put dry ice in it. I used another regular withes caldron for our punch bowl. This Mummy's Night out" pinterst party was so fun. all of these friends can not wait until the Christmas one.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Carmel apple you can decorate with

Fall and Carmel apples just go together!! Let's make one together that will last, won't rot, use year after year!
Items you will need are: Popcycle stick, Fake apple, Glue gun, Delta paint " Toffee Brown" Americana "Light Cinnamon " Acrylic clear spray ( I used matte)
Instructions: 1. Inset a sharp knife at the top of apple, insert popcycle stick in.
2. With hot glue gun, start gluing around the top of the apple, dripping glue on sides. ( This will be the carmel)
3. With a paint brush, paint 2 base coats onto the dripping glue (which will be the carmel) with " Toffee Brown" paint by Delta. When dry lightly paint on the "Light Cinnamon" by Americana.
4. Spray with clear acrylic sealer, this will make the "Carmel" shine. 5. Tie with a ribbon of your choice. ( I used a 3/8 inch X 12: orange. Easy, Cute, Great decorations (Watch out for people wanting to eat it!) Wrap it up in cellophane...great fall gift! 6. I made the glass dish stand, by going to D.I. ( Thrift store) and bought a small glass plate, with a short glass candle holder. I glued both together with "Gorilla Glue" Let it dry overnight, I placed a can of vegetables on top of plate, to make sure it would glue tightly) Have fun, Be Creative, \

Fall Decorations

Here's just a few things I put around the house for fall....I am so ready for fall weather!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fun Fall Treat , "Apple Dip"

Fall treats are Fun, colorful, and tasty! I needed a quick, simple, idea to give to a friend I was about to visit. Well, it's fall, and we have an apple tree. I'll make apple dip! One of my families favorite. 1 jar of marshmellow , whipped 2 Tablespoons of Tang 1 8 0z. cream cheese Whip all's done (see how easy!) I then put the dip in a small 4 oz. Jelly jar.
Place an apple on top and wrap up in cellophane and tie with a bow. Your gift is ready!