Monday, September 17, 2012

A Carmel apple you can decorate with

Fall and Carmel apples just go together!! Let's make one together that will last, won't rot, use year after year!
Items you will need are: Popcycle stick, Fake apple, Glue gun, Delta paint " Toffee Brown" Americana "Light Cinnamon " Acrylic clear spray ( I used matte)
Instructions: 1. Inset a sharp knife at the top of apple, insert popcycle stick in.
2. With hot glue gun, start gluing around the top of the apple, dripping glue on sides. ( This will be the carmel)
3. With a paint brush, paint 2 base coats onto the dripping glue (which will be the carmel) with " Toffee Brown" paint by Delta. When dry lightly paint on the "Light Cinnamon" by Americana.
4. Spray with clear acrylic sealer, this will make the "Carmel" shine. 5. Tie with a ribbon of your choice. ( I used a 3/8 inch X 12: orange. Easy, Cute, Great decorations (Watch out for people wanting to eat it!) Wrap it up in cellophane...great fall gift! 6. I made the glass dish stand, by going to D.I. ( Thrift store) and bought a small glass plate, with a short glass candle holder. I glued both together with "Gorilla Glue" Let it dry overnight, I placed a can of vegetables on top of plate, to make sure it would glue tightly) Have fun, Be Creative, \

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